World-class capabilities 

  • Coating design, performance analysis and prediction 
  • Design and manufacturing process development  
  • Precision opto-mechanical assembly 
  • Environmental testing 
  • Metrology

What we do 

We are world-leaders in the design and manufacture of bespoke optical thin film coatings that meet the demands of the most challenging and progressive applications. We specialise in four key strategic areas – periscopes and sighting systems, head-up and helmet-mounted displays, laser protection, and narrow band analytical filters.


Leading the way 

Our customers are leading original equipment manufacturers in the UK, Europe and USA, supplying some of the world’s largest and most influential organisations. We work closely with them to drive product innovation in our specialist markets. Our products include: 

· Filters for high precision analytical instruments that view, measure and analyse mixtures, gases and particles, particularly in medical research 

· Head-up display combiners that enable flight data to be projected into the pilot’s normal field of vision, and night vision compatibility filters for devices that improve vision in darkness during activities such as night flying or driving, search and rescue, and surveillance 

· Helmet-mounted display patches that allow vital information to be projected directly into the eyes of combat helicopter aircrew 

· Conductive window assemblies for demisting and de-icing windows in military vehicles and aeroplanes 

· Avionic filters to eliminate stray light and enhance the visibility of multi-function displays in fast jet cockpits 

· Medical laser protection filters that protect surgeons’ eyes by blocking harmful laser light while allowing other light in 

· Military laser protection filters that protect personnel in armoured vehicles from all kinds of lasers used on the battlefield 

· Multi spectral anti-reflective coatings for armoured vehicle sensor systems, allowing multiple sensors to image through a single window