Corporate responsibility is central to our culture. It shapes our identity, our values and our business practices. It determines how we engage with our customers, colleagues and community, and underpins our approach to sustainability and the environment. 

Our focus is on putting people first, and the priority across our business is to foster and support a culture of continuous improvement. In our experience, when people are encouraged and inspired to be the best they can be, they deliver world-class performance in all that they do. 

This approach is reflected in our documented policies, which set out the best practices that we adhere to in all critical areas of our business. You can download these documents using the links below.


Enhanced margins through Manufacturing Excellence

Customer excellence – Developing strong customer relationships

People excellence – Attract, retain & develop the best people

Technology excellence – Innovation, new product growth

Production excellence - Culture of continuous Improvement and lean enterprise. Supported by the right structures, processes, enablers, measures, people capabilities & skills

Program excellence – Utilising the most efficient systems & technologies

Supply chain excellence – Management of strategic suppliers


Driving growth, delivery, satisfaction and added value

Mission & Values
- World leader in Optical Thin Film Coatings
- Delivering best services & product solutions adding value for all Shareholders
- Foster a culture of innovation & continuous improvement

Strategic Objectives & Targets
- Outperforming our chosen markets
- Achieving world class competiveness
- New product solutions
- Improve customer service
- Maximise EBITDA margin through operational growth

Framework & Policies
- Sound & robust Business plan
- Company responsibility & sustainability governance

Core Capabilities
- Effective & pro-active operations
- On-time delivery & Right-1st time
- LEAN/5S//SHINGO promoting a culture of responsibility
- Quality Management System


Our values keep us anchored and on track. We consider corporate responsibility and sustainability an integral part of our daily business operations, how we engage with our stakeholders and inspire their trust.

Teamwork & Excellence - We’re innovative, collaborative, competent and visionary.

Customer Focus - Our business exists to serve and add long-term value to our customers’ organizations.

Strong Investor Return - We seek to reward our investors’ trust by delivering competitive returns.

Health & Safety, Security and Environment -We have a responsibility to protect everyone who comes into contact with our organization and the environment we work in.

Ethics & Compliance - We’re committed to ethical business.

Respect - Our actions consistently demonstrate respect toward our stakeholders.


Our goal is to exceed the quality expectations of our customers. This commitment starts with top management and extends through the entire organization. It is achieved through innovation, technical excellence and continuous improvement.

Technical Excellence - Finding innovative answers allows us to create long-term value. It also motivates us to always strive to do better.

Customer Focus - A commitment to provide world-class customer service that starts with the Directors and extends through top management and the entire workforce.

Quality System - To complement our ISO9001:2008 quality system, Artemis maintains extensive testing laboratories at its facilities. As a result, the Company is well equipped to maintain qualifications to a wide range of specifications vital to the defence, medical, and aerospace markets.

Supply Chain Management - Artemis is committed to fair marketplace practices and selects suppliers of goods and services based on criteria that ensure a thorough and competitive selection process: quality, price, service and overall value.

KPIs - Customer satisfactions - Right first time 99% rolling average, On time Delivery 95% rolling average.
Business performance - Financial, Operational, Production Capacity.

Continuous Improvement - Artemis' reputation for quality is based on a commitment to the newest and most effective design, manufacturing, testing, and management procedures – including, but not limited to, design for manufacturing, lean manufacturing, and continuous improvement methodologies.


Company policies provide guiding principles and rules for our entire organization

Code of Ethics & Business Conduct - Sets expectations for integrity and ethics in our business dealings. Every manager at every level is accountable for ensuring we deliver a world-class ethics and compliance performance . Reviewing the Code annually keeps this important document current. The Code is a condition of employment and an intrinsic part of our induction program.

Work Environment - We are committed to providing and maintaining a work environment that’s free of workplace violence and harassment and in which individuals can feel free to come forward with complaints of workplace harassment and violence without fear of reprisal. We are also committed to compliance with applicable human rights, labour and employment legislation as it relates to workplace violence and harassment in the countries where we conduct business.

UK Modern Slavery Act - Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct also specifically prohibits human trafficking as well as child and forced labour. All our employees, business partners, consultants, loaned personnel, officers and Board members must abide by our Code.

ITAR/ Export/TAA/ Classified Compliance Process Management - AOL maintain an effective & robust export management & compliance program. The designated company official in charge of compliance process incorporates:
- Screening the entity/person
- Classify goods/technology for export/disclosure
- Conduct export license determination
- Create necessary documentation and records

Product Compliance Declarations - AOL exercises social responsibility while providing quality products.
- All products sold are REACH (SVHC 174) compliant.
- Minerals of concern are limited to Tantalum (Ta) & Tungsten (W). These raw materials are not sourced from within DRC & we review our suppliers to ensure that the supply chain remains free of ‘’Conflict of Minerals’’.
- All parts are supplied with a Certificate of Conformity with each delivery.

Supplier Code of Conduct - AOL is committed to fair marketplace practices and selects suppliers of goods and services based on criteria that ensure a thorough and competitive selection process: quality, price, service and overall value.

HSSE POLICY - Health, safety, security and environment

We make sure everything we do respects the highest standards for health, safety, security and environmental protection in order to meet our duty of care to our people, our stakeholders and our planet. Health, safety, security and environmental protection are at the core of our values.

Our Principles

We are dedicated to continually protecting our employees, contractors and clients from occupational illness and work-related incidents, and promoting their wellness throughout all of our activities. It is our responsibility to improve the environmental performance of our activities and products, and to ensure the safety and security of our employees at all times.


Train and support our employees and all who work on our behalf, so they may be HSSE ambassadors amongst their peers.
- Set measurable annual objectives and targets to continually improve our performance. No matter how well we perform, we will always guard against complacency and maintain a high level of vigilance wherever and whenever our people are engaged in company related activities.
- Fulfil all of our compliance obligations at all times.
- Communicate and always be transparent with our stakeholders regarding our HSSE performance.

Our Commitments

- Demonstrate visible safety leadership, prevent all injuries and ensure that every person returns home safe at the end of each work day.
- Drive a robust security culture to protect our people, physical and digital assets and reputation against unplanned events of all kinds.
- Implement the principles of pollution prevention and sustainability in order to prevent short term or lasting harm to the planet and help today’s generation meet its needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.


While the CEO is responsible for implementing and monitoring this Policy, all employees and people working on our behalf must share these commitments. Everyone is empowered to speak up and act to ensure that they are met.


We look forward to doing business with you and together lead an ethical and responsible supply chain.

AOL is committed to the highest levels of legal, ethical and moral standards. . We place business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the forefront of all our business dealings, including those with our Suppliers, both direct and indirect, recognising that they are key stakeholders in the success of our business. Not surprisingly, our procurement requirements are very high; we expect our Suppliers to share our desire to be the best, to be innovative and efficient and quality driven. We choose Suppliers who share our unwavering commitment to good ethical practices and who meet our standards in respect of human rights, health & safety and environmental stewardship. This Supplier Code of Conduct (the 'Code') sets out these CSR requirements and how we want to ensure your compliance. In return, we strive to be a fair and honest partner, firmly believing that relationships built on these core values of trust and integrity will be sustainable and beneficial for all.

Requirements for all Suppliers

Suppliers must comply with all relevant laws relating to human rights, health, safety and the environment and anti-bribery and corruption (including the UK Bribery Act, US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas and section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act, if applicable). Suppliers must also adhere to good ethical practices and specifically undertake:
1. To support and respect the protection of human rights within their areas of influence.
2. To respect freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining by employees.
3. To prohibit all forms of forced, compulsory and child labour.
4. To support the principles of equal opportunity in respect of the recruitment and selection of employees.
5. To comply, as a minimum, with all applicable health & safety legislation and continually improve stewardship towards best industry practice.
6. To comply, as a minimum, with all applicable environmental legislation and support a proactive approach to environmental challenges.
7. To comply with all relevant anti-bribery and anticorruption legislation in respect of their dealings with AOL.
8. To comply with the OECD guidance as well as Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act which aims to prevent the use of minerals that directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or in adjoining countries (“conflict minerals”).

Counterfeit Avoidance Policy

Supplier shall purchase material directly from OEM’s/OCM’s Authorized Distributors. Supplier shall present complete and compelling support for any request to procure from sources other than OEM’s/OCMs or their Authorized Distributors and include in the request all actions completed to ensure the materials thus procured are not counterfeit. Supplier is not authorized to deliver any material procured from sources other than OEM’s/OCM’s Authorized Distributors without submission of the aforementioned request and written authorization from AOL. Supplier shall ensure this procedure is communicated to and enforced with all lower tier suppliers that provide materials in support of any AOL order.

Code Violations, Reporting & Review

Please note that AOL may terminate a contract with a Supplier who violates this Code or refuses, if asked, to take part in a remediation plan. Likewise AOL will also exclude from any tendering process Suppliers who do not show high ethical and CSR standards or compliance with relevant laws. We strongly encourage any ethical or legal misconduct or violations of this code to be reported to AOL. Only if we uphold these high ethical and CSR standards, can we safeguard our excellent reputation and ensure our shared, continued success. We will monitor the operation of this Code and make further improvements where we believe this can lead to even better practice.

Sub-tier Supplier Flow down

We expect all other suppliers to adhere to the principles set out in this Code. For key suppliers we would also expect that they would have similar requirements in place for their upstream supply chains and to exercise diligence in verifying their suppliers’ compliance. We may ask them to demonstrate that this is the case and also request them to accept additional investigations, site visits or a full CSR audit in order to provide required levels of assurance with the standards prescribed.

Conflict Mineral Suppliers

AOL has designed its conflict minerals reporting efforts to align and comply with Dodd-Frank’s conflict minerals reporting rules and expects suppliers to do the same.. We require that all suppliers agree to cooperate with AOL in connection with any due diligence that AOL chooses to perform with respect to its country of origin inquiries. In addition, we require suppliers, when AOL deems it necessary, to provide reasonable proof of the due diligence performed to support the country of origin certification to AOL.


Company Policies provide guiding principles and rules for the entire company. Policies have a broad and global application. They are approved by the executive Directors and reviewed annually. Our Policies are readily accessible and information on new policies reach employees via articles posted on our company’s intranet. Company Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”) provide rules on a specific subject or sets of instructions on how to perform a function with the objective to ensure the standardization of tasks and processes within the company. An SOP can be applicable to a specific Business Unit or Company Function as it seeks to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The following Artemis Optical Ltd (AOL) Policies, SOPs and guidelines provide rules and instructions to all employees with respect to this commitment::

Anti-bribery & corruption Policy AOL prohibits bribery and corruption in all its forms in all business dealings and relationships (including the public and private sector), everywhere the company operates. Use of funds or other assets for any unlawful or improper purpose is strictly prohibited. AOL employees are expected to be vigilant in ensuring enforcement of this prohibition and the proper use of company assets. AOL employees are also expected to comply in every respect with all applicable anti-corruption and anti-bribery legislation. A breach of applicable Anti-Corruption Laws is a serious offence, which can result in considerable sanctions for both AOL and AOL personnel.

Duty to Report SOP This SOP outlines that AOL personnel have a duty to report any known or suspected past, actual or potential violation of policies or procedures, applicable anti-corruption and anti-bribery legislation or any observed instances of misconduct, including pressure to compromise AOL ethical standards. AOL does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who reports in good faith or raises genuine concerns in the best interests of the organization.

Facilitation Payments SOP This SOP sets out clear directives that the payment, authorization of payment, direct or indirect offer, or promise to pay any Facilitation Payments or “grease” payments by employees of AOL is strictly prohibited. In the unlikely event that an AOL employee would have no alternative but to provide a payment to protect against an imminent and serious threat to his or her health, safety or welfare, the demanded payment would be considered an extortion payment and would therefore be permissible under these exceptional circumstances.

Antitrust and Competition Policy This Policy promotes and ensures compliance with antitrust and competition laws as well as regulations to preserve fair, honest and vigorous competition. Since it is not possible to cover all the different requirement levels of the applicable antitrust laws and regulations, this Policy promotes compliance with the highest levels of antitrust legal and ethical requirements and helps AOL employees understand the types of conduct that antitrust and competition laws address.

Business Partners SOP This SOP sets out the general principles and procedures to be observed before entering into and over the duration of an agreement with any Business Partner. AOL expects its Business Partners to adhere to its business principles, culture and values, and comply will all applicable laws and regulations. The Compliance Our business partner due diligence process allows us to base our decisions on full transparency and accountability for third-party risk. The depth of necessary compliance due diligence and the required level of authority for management approval are determined by the risks associated with each engagement.. AOL may terminate any business relationship with a third party acting in a way that is inconsistent with the company’s values and practices.

Political Contribution Policy This Policy sets forth the strict applicable guidelines with respect to making Political contributions. The use of AOL funds, property, services or resources for or in aid of political parties or candidates for public office is prohibited. Exceptions are generally not permitted and would require the prior written approval of the Political Contributions Compliance Committee.

Donations, Sponsorships, Employee Involvement and Corporate Membership SOP The SOP provides a framework for the maintenance of a consistent approach to social and community investment by ensuring funding is globally aligned in accordance with the philanthropic and business objectives of AOL.

Gifts & Hospitality SOP This SOP outlines the procedures that employees must observe with respect to giving or receiving gifts and hospitality. The SOP is supported by helpful tools such as web-based and mobile applications to determine when giving or receiving is appropriate and permitted, especially when Government Officials are involved. Hiring Current or Former Government Officials or Their Immediate Family Members SOP This SOP provides guidance with respect to hiring current or former Government Officials or their immediate family members. The applicable laws and regulations are often complex and may place restrictions on entering into discussions with certain government employees, prohibit their hire as employees or consultants for specific periods of time or place restrictions on the role and responsibilities they can have.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Guidelines The Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form must be completed each time an employee or a member of their family is engaged in activities that constitute actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest. Employees must complete the conflict of interest disclosure form when joining AOL and everyone must complete a new form for every change of situation that be perceived as an actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest.

Accurate Record Keeping Guidelines Accurate, complete and reliable records are crucial to our business as they guide decision-making and strategic planning. Accordingly, all our records must be prepared in accordance with applicable laws and regulations as well as AOL accounting and reporting policies and standard operating procedures.

Training and Communication Customized training programs have been designed to raise employee awareness on key ethics and compliance issues. All employees and consultants must read the updated Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (Employee Handbook. The Code covers our values, our policies and anti-corruption principles. It provides us with an ethical framework to help guide our response to the sometimes challenging and difficult choices we may encounter. It is designed to help us make the right choices in a variety of situations − such as what to do when the easy way out is not the right way or speaking up, even when it’s uncomfortable − to help protect AOL best interests. An extensive training program is fully implemented to create appropriate anti-corruption awareness at all levels.. Participants include all executive, senior and general management functions as well as all staff in business development, procurement, project management, general management and government relations.

Counterfeit Avoidance Policy

1. Objective: To eliminate counterfeit and fraudulent products into our supply chain through strict avoidance, mitigation, monitoring and disposition processes.

2. Purchase of Product: Counterfeit product has become a growing concern in customers' supply chains as customers or distributors secure low cost alternative sources AOL are committed to supplying only the highest quality products for our customers. AOL purchase products only through Authorized Manufacturers and Suppliers, thereby ensuring that product is new, authentic, and fully warrantable under the direct supplier and that accurate up-to-date technical information is readily available. AOL do not purchase products from sources other than authorized manufacturers and suppliers. AOL do not purchase refurbished products for manufacturing. Authorized manufacturers and suppliers are continually assessed by product alerts and supplier quality data to determine past performance.

3. Traceability of Product: AOL maintain traceability for purchases from Authorized Suppliers, retaining the original purchase orders and other receiving documentation, including Manufacturers’ Certificate of Conformance, for the required document retention periods.

4. Return of Product: AOL follows a strict returns policy that includes:
• Complete supplier product traceability and certification.
• Incoming inspection to assure that all parts are undamaged and in original packaging.
• All products & Materials to conform to the relevant British or International Standards.
• Only parts that meet these rigorous standards are allowed to be returned to inventory.
Reporting: AOL continually look for signs of counterfeit products by stringent checks on incoming products & raw materials by the following.
• Identification Markings
• Alterations, lot or batch numbers missing, incorrect suppliers logo
• Product Condition
• Paperwork/Certificate of Conformity
• Accompanying paperwork has evidence of tampering, missing information or does not relate to the delivered product
• Chain of Ownership
• Unverifiable traceability to source
• Items delivered from a location differing from previous or from prohibited countries
• A price significantly lower than historical pricing data or market norm
• Availability
• Obsolete or scarce items suddenly becoming available
• O.E.M Certification
• Unavailable O.E.M certification or uncertified O.E.M
• Non-approved Supplier

5. Any suppliers who provide counterfeit or fraudulent products to AOL will be removed from our supplier approval database and appropriate actions will be taken.

6. AOL report all occurrences of counterfeit parts, as appropriate to manufactures, customers and to appropriate authorities.

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