New Product from Artemis Optical Limited – Proteus High Durability IR AR Coatings

PROTEUS close up.jpg

Artemis Optical Limited are delighted to announce the launch of their latest new product range, Proteus High Durability IR AR Coatings.

The process development team at Artemis have undergone extensive research, development and trialing, and can now offer Proteus coatings with the following benefits:

• High transmission over specified waveband which increases the system's signal to noise ratio and improves system identification range.
•  Designed to meet MIL-C-48497 Para which extends systems life and operational performance.
•  Non radioactive which reduces export restrictions.
•  Coatings already developed for a wide range of infrared substrate materials which reduces lead time and development costs.

Artemis Proteus customer’s are manufacturers of thermal imaging cameras & systems.  Thermal imaging allows images of heat signatures to be displayed on a monitor or other display devices. This technology has wide, and spreading, application in areas as varied as building construction, environmental monitoring and electrical cable maintenance, to military night vision and tumour detection.  Proteus coatings can also be used in a range of photonic research applications, particularly where the coating is required to withstand harsh environmental conditions.