New Product from Artemis Optical Limited – Deimos DLC Coatings

DEIMOS 2.jpg

Artemis Optical Limited are delighted to announce the launch of their latest new product range, Deimos DLC Coatings.

Having invested in a state of the art DLC coating chamber in January, the team have since been working to develop a superior DLC coating capability. 

Artemis DLC Coating benefits include:

• Fully compliant to all applicable environmental standards
•  Salt fog qualified to more than 90 days
•  Wide range of substrate materials to choose from to ensure optimum system performance.
•  Maximum diameter 420mm
• Available in both MWIR & LWIR

Artemis Deimos customers are manufacturers of thermal imaging cameras & systems.  Thermal imaging allows images of heat signatures to be displayed on a monitor or other display devices. This technology has wide, and spreading, application in areas as varied as building construction, environmental monitoring and electrical cable maintenance, to military night vision and tumour detection.