Laser Protection Filters

Our laser protection filters safeguard the occupants of military vehicles from high- powered lasers used on the battlefield. The military relies on our products to provide personal protection, and in particular eye protection, from harmful light sources. We’ve delivered over 250,000 of these filter types and they are currently in use on vehicles such as the Abrams Tank, the family of Stryker vehicles, Challenger 2, and VBCI.

EOPM Filters for Day & Infra-Red Sensor Protection

Our production ready electro-optical protection measures (EOPM) are found on the latest generation of armoured vehicle sights and are able to protect both day and thermal camera systems from the multitude of threats posed by battlefield lasers. We’ve also developed technologies to protect thermal camera detectors from long wave infrared threats.


Enabling a wide range of defence applications 

We provide a range of advanced solutions to support defence operations on land, sea and in the air. Dichroic filters, for example, improve the display of LED indicators in armoured vehicles, while our large night vision compatible filters are used on flight deck floodlights. Our conductive window assemblies are effective in the most extreme operating environments for EMC shielding and demisting in periscopes and sighting systems.

Enabling a wide range of defence applications